About Us

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Doing good through Gaming

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We believe in doing good, and there is good that can be accomplished through gaming. Games create an emotional connection with people and provide an avenue for them to improve their wellbeing, bond together and bring out the best version of themselves.

We exist to deliver the value from this experience to our players and our partners. 

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Our Story

Our company is ever-evolving as we progress with trends in the digital space. We started with a diverse team of 6 individuals, each from different nationalities, who bonded over an unyielding passion to create meaningful connections through gaming.

As apps started to compete for user engagement, this presented the perfect opportunity for us to create a community of engaged users on our gamified platform. Integrating this platform as a plug-and-play solution on our partner apps became our compelling value proposition that enabled us to grow to over 18 countries in less than a year.

Driven by a talented and passionate team that is grounded by our mission of doing good through gaming, we continue to grow our presence across Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Taro Araya, CEO and Co-Founder

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Our Community

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+20 Countries

In Asia & the Americas

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+26 Partners

in multiple verticals

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+9 million


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+163 million

Games played

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Game Time
+16 minutes

Played per session

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Our Ecosystem

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Mobile gaming remains a key vertical, and offers great opportunities for business to scale and brands to connect and engage with millions of active users. No longer are users simply using apps for its utility but comes in to look for a whole new experience to be entertained, challenged and even socialize. Goama provides the platform to turn your average app user to a skilled slingshot master or a ninja sensei, and lends a hand to brands to place these highly engaged participants into an immersive and interactive branded experience.

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Meet the leadership team

CEO | Co-Founder
Taro Araya is a serial entrepreneur who found VAS solutions in Bangladesh, Agritech in Myanmar and a gaming tech in Singapore. He is a passionate leader with excellent communications skills who speaks fluent English and Spanish. He has a keen interest in working in the frontier of emerging markets, enabling globalization and supporting innovative ventures.

CPO | Co-Founder
Wayne has been leading product and marketing teams responsible for digital services, music, gaming and core services in the telecommunication sector for over 15 years. As a marketing consultant in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, he specialized in CRM, big data and loyalty. Wayne holds an MBA from the Sydney Australian Graduate School of Management and the New York (NYU) Stern School of Business.

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SVP Technology

Zohirul Alam Tiemoon
SVP Technology

Calvin Lee
VP Sales & Marketing

Nicolas Koifman  
VP Latin America

Kunal Kawale 
Head of Product

Nicolas Synnott
Head of Partnership & Growth

Goama's Head of Marketing

Tengku Wazir Aziz
Head of Marketing

Anubha Agrawal
Head of Business Intelligence

Arafat Mahmood
Head of Finance

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Be part of the next gaming phenomenon.

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